Renew paper shopping bags™ are an elegant environmental packaging solution suitable for use at retail, for special events and tradeshows, or any time that you distribute products or information to your customers. These sturdy, upscale paper shopping bags are easily customized with your name or brand logo in a variety of hot stamp foil colors. Renew paper bags™ are a sustainable packaging product. The bags are made from paper that contains 30% post-consumer recycled content. These rugged bags are manufactured to withstand repeated use and the superior look and style of the bags will encourage their reuse. Every time your customer reuses your bag, your brand will benefit from the additional exposure. Eventually, when your customer is finally finished using their bag they can recycle it so that the pulp used in its production can go on to become a new paper product.

Renew paper bags™ are designed to exceed your expectations. They are durable, stylish, and environmentally-friendly; yet they are available on short notice at competitive prices. Renew shopping bags™ give you the opportunity to cost-effectively bolster your brand with elevated packaging that until now was only available in long-run custom orders. Renew your brand today and enjoy the benefits of upscale sustainable packaging