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Mark McLaughlin
Mark McLaughlin

Mark McLaughlin is the president of Direct Source Packaging (DSPC). After a brief stint in commercial banking Mark began his 20+ year career in retail packaging. Mark's strong appreciation for both the print medium and clever structural design made paper shopping bags and folding cartons the perfect career path. Over the year's Mark has developed a flexible, yet pragmatic, approach to packaging production.

"Packaging should be fun and creative, but manufacturing is all about discipline. Therefore, the key to our success is realizing that 'we don't know, what, we don't know'. Never reject a new idea out of hand, but never accept one because you think it will work. Constantly develop new ideas, but sample them and test them, then refine them and test them again, and when that is done throw out all of your assumptions, reverse-engineer the product and test it again to be sure. That is how we make beautiful, custom-manufactured packaging products that work for our customers."

Mark is a graduate of Williams College where he earned a degree in Political Science. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Mark transplanted to the NY area to pursue his career. Mark now lives in Connecticut with his wife and two daughters and maintains his life-long love for all Boston sports teams.